Diversity Working Group

General Information


  • Provide a place for people to turn to with Diversity Issues, for listening or recommending actions
  • Advocate for Diversity Issues that affect Users when they arise
  • Collect, maintain, and provide diversity statistics for RHIC/AGS Users
  • Communicate Diversity news/information to RHIC/AGS Users
  • Research and advocate follow-up for RHIC related BNL-Units on 2010 APS Women in Science Site Visit Report and recent STAR and PHENIX Collaboration Site Visit reports
  • Provide liaisons to other Diversity Groups at BNL, such as Brookhaven Women in Science
  • Provide expertise in Diversity Issues to RHIC Users

Please find more by clicking on our Diversity Working group web/blog site here (http://rhicdiversity.blogspot.com)/.